Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

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PPC or Pay Per Click is a tool for online paid advertisement which provides the much-needed limelight to your brand. Through PPC, you can target the right customers in the right way and can maximise the chances of driving them towards your website.

Video Advertising

PPC video ads are the most cost effective and successful PPC ads if they are implemented and targeted in the right way. If a user is not engaged, you will not be charged. Google does not charge until and unless a viewer is engaged for more than 30 seconds. Akin to other PPC campaigns, video ads can also be targeted towards customized audience through third party sites.

PPC Remarketing

Remarketing is all about showcasing your brand or product in front of your targeted audience repeatedly to reinforce your brand in their mind firmly. Well placed PPC ads are ideal for remarketing as PPC strategy keeps a track of the past record of your website visitors and keeps on promoting your brand to them through your PPC ads.

Social Advertising

Crack through your targeted market with social media ads. Most people spend hours on various social platforms which sways the avenue to attract their attention towards your brand. Considering your USPs, your targeted audience available on social platforms can be filtered based on their interests, gender, demographic location, marital status and age.

Display Advertising

Google Display Network is the main frame for display advertising where third party websites are used to present image, text or video adverts. These adverts are targeted towards a specific set of audience who have either shown interest or most likely to be interested on those. Display advertising escalates the chances of connecting to future or repeat customers.